About CulturePeel

Connecting people and spaces with art that tells their stories.

CulturePeel is a place to share personal encounters with art and design with the aim of making cultural encounters of all kinds more accessible and digestible. My hope is to peel back the often intimidating layers of the art world to reveal cultural encounters as they are meant to be: readily available to anyone and open for personal interpretation.

On occasion, I organize art exhibitions and events. If you’d like to hear about these events, please subscribe.

You can reach me at culturepeel @ gmail.com.

Thanks so much for visiting!

Anastasya Partan

Founder, CulturePeel



8 thoughts on “About CulturePeel

  1. Enjoying your blog, Art Wrap – you seem to be doing for Boston what essentially I’m interested in covering for Philadelphia. It’s been way too long since I’ve made the trek back to Boston to see art, but your insightful reviews make me feel as if I’m visiting in-person. Nice articles.

    • Thanks so much for reading! It’s been a while since I’ve been to Philly, too, but when I visit I’ll be sure to check out your suggestions. I’ve been amazed by how much the art scene has been growing in Boston. The entire SoWa neighborhood didn’t exist when I was growing up, and now it’s an incredible place, especially on First Fridays. Hope you get to see it for yourself soon. Good luck with your blog!

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