Boston Design Week – 3 days left!

Only today and the weekend left to check out the pretty amazing lineup of events at Boston Design Week, which ends April 10th!


Image courtesy of Boston Design Week.

Some ongoing highlights topping my list:

AD20/21: Art & Design of the 20th & 21st Centuries and The Boston Print Fair 

Mass Art’s Annual All School Show


Image courtesy of MASSART.




And very cool events happening tonight:

Making Communities Through Culture – a conversation about the Boston arts and culture scene

bulthaup Boston Open House, where in addition to gorgeous, modern kitchens that do things you didn’t think kitchens did, you can also see some Danish furniture icons designed by Hans Wegner (of the omnipresent and constantly copied Wishbone Chair) and produced by one of my favorite clients, Carl Hansen & Son

Check it out, and let the CulturePeel community know what you thought and liked below!

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